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Howard K Beloff, President

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These are just a few of the businesses and industries we have provided debt recovery services:

CSRS is highly proficient in dealing with all types of medical collection accounts from medical facilities and physician practices. CSRS is familiar with the entire medical billing process. CSRS also has extensive experience in dealing with health insurance companies and other third party payers and has an in-depth knowledge of the terms and conditions of health insurance polices.

We realize that many medical bills go unpaid because patients do not understand the terms and conditions of their policies and don't realize the patient financial responsibilities that they have stemming from deductibles, co-pays, non-covered services, and out of network charges. We attempt to educate patients to fully understand why they have a patient balance and get a better handle of their financial responsibilities.

We are cognizant of the fact that many medical providers do not desire heavy-handed collection tactics to be performed on their patients. CSRS handles your patients in the same manner that you would, with courtesy and dignity. We are very persistent and have a credibility advantage of being a third party agency.

In addition, we are able, in certain instances, to collect funds from health insurance companies by obtaining and relaying important missing patient information that was holding up or denying a previous medical claim. CSRS can also get some medical claims re-processed as occasionally errors occur in the original processing of the claim by the insurance company.

CSRS is highly proficient in skip-tracing techniques to locate patients that have moved without relaying forwarding information to their medical provider.

Property Management/Leasing Management
CSRS has extensive experience collecting property management debts for property managers large and small, local and national. CSRS understands how the property management billing process works and all of the financial items a tenant can be responsible for including, but not limited to, past due rents, late fees, damages, early lease termination fees, legal costs, utility bills, etc. CSRS is highly proficient in skip-tracing techniques to locate tenants that have skipped out or vacated without leaving forwarding address information. CSRS also promptly reports the bad debt to the credit reporting bureaus to inhibit a debtor's ability to obtain another apartment to rent or to obtain financing to purchase a new dwelling.

The successful collection of retail debt is an essential part of a healthy economy as it helps insure credit is available at reasonable rates and retailers can charge fair and equitable prices for their products or services.

We also provide services to these businesses:

Private schools and day care centers
Professional service firms (legal, accounting, consulting architectural, etc.)
IT companies
Telecom companies
Construction firms
B2B China, International Export Receivables.


CSRS can assist in collecting your outstanding judgments. CSRS has tools at its disposal to identify ways to execute your judgment. CSRS can identify a debtor's place of employment to institute a wage garnishment. Bank attachments or liens on real property can also be performed if these assets can be located. In most instances, statutory interest is accruing on your judgment, which can be recovered in addition to court costs.

Bad Checks

CSRS handles the collection of bad checks for many of its clients. CSRS will collect the face amount of the check plus any statutory penalties and fees. In some jurisdictions, substantial penalties can be collected. CSRS can also monitor the bank account balance of checks denied for insufficient funds and re-deposit the check if a sufficient account balance becomes available.

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