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Howard K Beloff, President


Why its better to use a Collection Agency rather than an Attorney...

We have outlined the advantages of using our collection services versus immediately turning your collection accounts over to your attorney.

Not every debt is ripe for legal action. Account balances under $500.00 or debtors without a garnishable job or easily attachable assets should not be considered for legal action.

CSRS works on a straight contingency basis; you only pay a fee if we collect the debt for you. In addition, we are associated with attorneys who work for our firm on a contingent basis, their fee comes out of ours; therefore, you will never pay an hourly rate. It is possible that your attorney works on an hourly basis, and in addition will pass along to you the out of pocket costs resulting in up front costs to you (at least $50.00) regardless of whether a collection is rendered or not. If a wage garnishment or asset attachment is required subsequent to judgment, additional fees will be incurred which are not always recoverable.

The best method to elicit a debt collection is through persistent and consistent telephone contact with the debtor. CSRS is set up to do just that. Attorneys are not usually in the business of repeated telephone calling to debtors, nor do they generally have a desire to perform this function.

Our firm is on-line via the Internet with the major credit bureaus and other credit information databases to use as valuable skip-tracing tools to locate a debtor who has moved, and can be used to report a bad debt, which is a valuable leveraging tool to encourage a debtor to make good on the outstanding obligation. Many attorneys do not have these tools conveniently at their disposal nor are they adequately trained or experienced in this area.

Lastly, if a case goes to court, the most prominent method of collection used by attorneys, the duration of time before money is actually collected from the debtor can be lengthy. Conversely, through the use of intense telephone contact with a debtor, voluntary payments can in many instances be obtained in a much shorter period of time getting funds into your bank account more quickly.

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